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Click on any of the icons below to be taken to the store for that image. The icons are just a sampling of what's available, go to the store to see all of the different items for each design. Different products are currently available for different images, but if there is something you want and it's not available for that image, let me know and I'll see what I can do.


cosmic traveler A self portrait from college cosmicfireworks Another college painting, "Cosmic Fireworks" cosmic dance "Cosmic Dance"
stretch "Stretch" Moonlanding From my high school pointalism period LoonPointalism From my high school pointalism period
When I worked at JSC, I got tired of all the various "rocket scientist" t-shirts I saw walking around, so I made my own version. Don'tworry

Every get those funny looks when you're stopped by the side of the road checking out an outcrop? Reassure those passersby that everything is okay. Bumper stickers are available too. Most of the t-shirts in this store, including the one pictured here, have the top ten list on the back.

Top Ten Signs The original top ten list that I wrote for the Brown geoclub t-shirt many years ago and that was very briefly a worldwide internet sensation, now available as a framed tile!
gymnasts The random doodle that used to adorn my homepage You'reRight

"...he's never going to leave her"

It's a quote from one of my all time favorite movies, and if you don't know which one, you're probably not going to buy the magnet.

I invented Pants

Yes, those are actually my pants.

This one is in honor of Jenn, who kept this phrase alive for so long after it stopped being funny that it started to be funny again.

Don't be a hero From my favorite episode of How I Met Your Mother (when Robin agrees to be Barney's wingman and they play laser tag). It was, wait for it...legendary. Come on

Also from How I Met Your Mother, Barney is just very quotable.

Worthwhile "Adventure is worthwhile in itself." - As we struggle for reasons to return to the Moon, I like this quote from Amelia Earhart. Sometimes it just doesn't have to be that complicated.
Footprint "Don't tell me the sky's the limit when there are footprints on the Moon" - This painting has the distiction of having the longest title of any of my paintings. All Dressed Up "All dressed up with no place to go" Joy One of my favorite Apollo images.