Lunar Art

As a lunar geologist, the Moon is near and dear to my heart and frequently figures into my artwork. Here are a few of my lunar-themed images. Those whose titles are marked with asterisks are available for sale. Please contact me (intrplnetsarah(at) for pricing.


LADEE meets the Moon
Moon Phases
Blue and Orange 1
Blue and Orange 2
Blue and Orange 3
Blue and Orange 4
Moon Through Clouds
Moon on Wood
To Scale
Moon with Orange Line
Moon Over Lake
Young Joy
Buzz in Blue
4 Moons
Don't tell me
Blue Moon
Icons of Ap 1
Icons of Ap 2
Icons of Ap 3
Icons of Ap 4
Earth and Moon #3
Daedalus in Orange
Not Quite HD
Ap 17 series #5
Ap 11 notebook
Apollo 17 Series 4
Apollo 17 Series 3
Ap 17 series #2
Apollo 17 Series 1
Leaving the Falcon's Nest
Target: Moon

76015 in context